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Address: Diseminado Juan Gómez, 18. Culata, La (Tejeda)
Latitude: 27º 59' 2.7500'' N
Length: 15º 35' 59.0000'' W
Altitude: 1183 m

Tejeda -
Gran Canaria


The house is located just outside the village of Tejeda (5 km), in the road that leads to La Culata, in a small farm with fruit trees (1.000 m²). La Culata is inside the Parque Rural del Nublo, which is a great beauty natural protected space, where you can see spectacular geological formations caused by volcanic eruptions that formed the island.

Parque Rural del Nublo is the most extensive protected zone of the island of Gran Canaria and has a surface of 23,51 km², which includes from the Montaña de los Moriscos de Altavista, continuing for the ravine of Tejeda's municipality up to the dams of the Parralillo and Caidero de la Niña. The vegetation that prevails is the pine of the recent repopulation, chestnuts, poplars and other exotic species. Birds like the guirre and the kestrel are of easy observation in these places.

The Roque Bentayga is one of the most singular rocky formations of the island of Gran Canaria. It is inside a volcanic boiler and nearby we can find the ancient aboriginal settlements of Cuevas del Rey and Roque Camello, that consist of hundreds of caves with rooms, burials, silos, etc. In the oriental side of the Roque the so called “Almogarén del Bentayga” is found a construction that should have been of worship of the natives.

98% of Tejedas's territory is protected by the Law of Nature Reserves of the Canary Islands, the following spaces being located in this demarcation are: the Natural Integral Reservation of Inagua, the Natural Integral Reservation of the Marteles, the Rural Park of Nublo, the Natural Monument Riscos de Tirajana and the Landscape Protected of the Summits.


The island of Gran Canaria is the ideal place to spend your vacations practicing sports of mountain or sports in the sea. The area where the Bentayga Rural House is located appears as one of the most suitable of the island to practice numerous activities in nature. The hiking, trekking, climbing, the routes in bicycle and the sports of adventure are the most suitable activities for this rural environment.